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Motivational Training | Mindset Changing | Positive Attitude Training

Probably one of the best motivational training programs in the world. This is the promise that Success Factory gives you for its motivational training programs. Think world class is a program that gets your employees to think differently. This mindset changing program that has been extremely successfully carried out in many parts in the globe as in house trainings and public training workshops is an epic in mindset changing.

Nothing is impossible; impossible is nothing is yet another mind blowing training session led by Dr. Naomal Balasuriya, life changing motivational trainer. This amazing training instills a never ever give up attitude in your employees. A positive attitude training par excellence this inspiring training will be a major milestone in the training calendar of your organization. Unbelievably it gets the participants to analyze the issues that the various teams have to overcome and also go to the extent of recommending solutions to get back on track.

Undoubtedly a world class program by a world class trainer. As a chair person of Aitken Spence Holdings says it is “a brilliant investment by a brilliant trainer”.

Customer Service Training  

Adding value to your customers is the ultimate objective of customer service. Customer service begins from the concept of customer focus. Customer focus begins by accepting the fact that every single employee of an organization is focused on the needs of the customer. This means that every department of your organization must be focused on filling the need gap of your customers. Every employee of every department of your organization must know how to identify the need gap of your customers. They must be trained how to differentiate between customer satisfaction and customer delight. Delighting your customers is what makes them nock at your door again and again.

The entire organization from the Board of Directors to the managing director to the organizational heads of departments including the person who cleans the toilet must be focused on the customers. Ensuring world class customer delight is a training program offered by Success Factory in many parts of the world. It is a fun filled energizing and deep thinking motivational program that is aimed at getting the entire team focused on delivering an exceptional value offering to your both end customers as well as your internal customers. “A life changing program”, “one of the best programs that I ever attended” and “awesome” are some of the comments that you will receive from your participants. To bring Dr. Naomal Balasuriya, a medical doctor turned motivational speaker to your organizational as the lead trainer for your next customer service training please contact [email protected] or call +94 (0) 774 08 28 38.

Team Building Training

Team building is one of the most important activities in any organization. Unless the team is built no significant success follows. Building a team of a department, be it the sales department, the marketing department, the customer service department, the finance team etc essentially requires that every single member must share the vision of that team. All the members of the team must now the goals and objective of the team. They must know the benefits of going all out to achieve the team targets.

Building and bonding a world class team a signature program of Success Factory artfully delivered by Dr. Naomal Balasuriya, life changing motivational speaker and corporate trainer will not only build but also bong the various teams in your organization. To quote a few well known brands who have been benefited from Dr. Balasuriya’s trainings are Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Sri Lankan Cricket, Ericsson, FedEx, DHL, Shell and Oriflame.

The Maldives police service and the Maldives Presidents Office are organizations that are benefited significantly from the seven day and three day team building training programs offered by Success Factory. “One of the greatest experience in my life” , “a turning point in my life” “Life changing training” are some comments that you will receive from your participants from bringing Dr. Naomal Balasuriya for your next team building training.

Leadership Training

Either lead, or else follow, or else please get out of the way. These words of Ted Turner founder of CNN for your organization as well. Either lead your team, your sales force, your department, your company or your group of companies to a place that it has not been before or else follow someone who will do so. If you are not either a passionate leader you are calla pone to “Get out of the way”. So that others could lead or follow.

Any organization that wishes to grow and wishes to increase its profits must develop its leaders. It must not only develop its first line leaders but it also must develop the second line and third line leaders. This call for leadership training within the organization. Its calls for identifying the potential leaders of your organization and training them to get to their next level of leadership status. It should not be assume that leaders are born. Leaders could also can be made. That is the essence of any good leadership training program.

Be a great world class leader is a five day leadership training program carried by the lead trainer of Success Factory, Dr. Naomal Balasuriya, a medical doctor turned motivational speaker. This is an amazing and awe-inspiring leadership skills development training workshop that can be customized for junior, middle management and senior management levels as needed. The objective of this world class training program is to develop your second line and third line leaders in order to ensure sustainability and stability of your organization. What is more training your senior / top management will teach them the best practices of great world class leadership in the world today.

Communication Skills & Presentation Skills Training

Business communication skills is an absolutely essential success factor for business success. Effective communication skills not only increases efficiency in a business but also increases the affectivity of business strategy. This undoubtedly need great language skills. This undoubtedly needs great verbal communication skills. Be a great world class speaker is a three day highly commended motivational training program that changes the lives of every participant by making him or her come out of his/her shell. It is a communications skills training program which is out of this world. Amina Hassan, Entrepreneur from Kuwait, Ethiopia and united states of America says that “My seven day  be a world class speaker training with Dr. Naomal Balasuriya of Success Factory not only made me better speaker, not only made me a better communicator but also made me a better human being” This effective communication training program emphasizes on verbal communication and nonverbal communication. It is a highly interactive hands on training program that brings you out of your shell.

Be a world class speaker is an effective communication skills training program amazingly done in many parts of the world with excellent participant comments. Probably one of the best communication skills training programs in the world.

Time Management, Stress Management and Life Management Training

Work life balance is increasingly recognized as a key success factor of employee well-being. Success Factory believes the balancing the eight areas of lives is key to happiness, peace of mind and true success of any corporate employee. In turn, happy and truly successful employee who have peace of mind will lead to more efficient, more effective and more productive corporate employees. What is more, they will be more physically, mentally and spiritually healthier human beings. 

“Back to basics: the absolute essentials” is a work life balance training course carried out by Dr. Naomal Balasuriya of Success Factory that caters to the corporate needs of work life balance in many parts of the world. The benefits of this program includes greater Interpersonal skills, Enhance management Skills and personal development of your team. A healthy body and a healthy mind is absolutely essential for corporate success and sustainability. Dr. Balasuriya medical doctor turned motivational speaker and corporate trainer is a well acclaimed for training programs in work life balance.

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