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“This training will be one of the BEST motivational training’s in your life.” This is the PROMISE given by Dr. Naomal Balasuriya, MBBS [SL], MBA [Sri J], CIM [UK], MCGP [SL], MSLIM, MIMSL, life changing motivational speaker and corporate trainer. Amazingly, his promise is backed by the
“100% money back guarantee” by the host company, Success Factory.
He is rated as one of the top ten motivational speakers in the world by many workshop participants from many parts of the world.

Undoubtedly, presenting one of the best inspirational trainers in the world, Success Factory has been developing the mindsets of corporate executives the world over for over a decade. He has the unique distinction of keeping audiences alive and kicking even in the post lunch sessions of international conferences in many parts of the globe. The 100% money back guarantee is offered also for the sleepy post lunch sessions.

Rated as one of the best key note speakers | motivational trainers | Executive coaches in the world, Dr Balasuriya’s style of delivery is absolutely inspirational. For sure, he will be one of the most inspiring speakers that you will here as a key note speaker in your life time training calendar. Be assured listening to him will inspire you how to get to the next level of your world class journey.

His corporate training is a class by itself. It is highly inspiring, highly interactive and truly life changing,  going by the participant comments. Some of the corporate trainings that he is world famous for are “Think world class,” and “Nothing is Impossible.” “Building and Bonding a world class team” is also highly rated amongst companies in the world. Success Factory is proud to announce that we as a corporate training company, we currently work in a range a countries including Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Maldives,   Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Jordan, Qatar, Libya, Kuwait, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

As a corporate training company, we currently offer life changing motivational and corporate training,  keynote speaking, one to one executive coaching and outdoor training – all of which are backed by the NO RISK money back guarantee.

The personal leadership development that we have done have been praised by many corporate and individuals of the world. To quote a few, the Director General of the Maldives Presidents Office in their appreciation letter says: “ it was indeed a world class training  program in that we witnessed the positive changes in our employees motivation, behavior and the increase in their confidence levels after the completion of the program . The evaluation feedback  also shows that  our employees at the President’s Office, Maldives have greatly enjoyed every minute of the interactive sessions and was comfortable in forwarding their views and have fully understood the concepts being discussed.”

The letter further states that “the friendly environment and your training approach and insight has paved the way for our employees to look at the critical issues relating to motivation, communication, team building and leadership in the future in a visionary perspective, whether it is at individual or organizational level. We look forward to working with you and your team again in the future.

To quote another letter of appreciation, Mr Sadik Fahd Maruf, Senior Manager, Corporate HR, Zajil Telecom Company of Kuwait, says that “our teams were absolutely carried away by your expertise, progressive teaching style and your pleasant demeanor. Your willingness to participate as a co_ equal will make this top – down program successful at each level. We are looking forward for a mutually beneficial relationship.”

The year 2018 – is a year where the Success Factory team is looking forward to changing the game. “Change the game” is the buzz word in our organization. We intend taking our life changing motivational training to every corner of the world through online training very soon. Just now we are in the process of identifying global partners for this project.

Given our vision “To make this world a better place than when we found it at birth” and our dream of achieving “the best motivational training in the world by the best motivational trainer in the world” we strive to take our training to all parts of the world.

Success Factory is a company committed to change the lives of corporate executives global and local via its life changing motivational speaking and corporate training. Being in existence since the year 2000, Success factory has successfully carried out workshops in 16 countries. Probably the only motivational training provider that offer you a 100% money back guarantee.

Given its vision of “Making the world a better place than when we found it at birth”, the dream of Success Factory is to “Inspire every human being both living and yet to be born to Think World Class, Feel World Class and Act World Class”.

How will Success Factory do that? That is what makes up its 250 year strategic plan.

We offer corporate staff development training’s on Positive attitude, Leadership development, Team building and bonding, Personal development, Effective communication skills, Delighting customers and Time, stress and life management. The management as well as the executives of any organization in the world attending our training programs with a view of getting to the next level of leadership will enjoy it thoroughly and benefit from it immensely. Never a dull moment from start to the end of every single training. We over promise and we over deliver…..always! Unbelievable, yet true.

Success Factory training is commonly described by the participants as “This training changed my life”, ” It made me a better human being” “The best ever MOTIVATIONAL training in my life” and “The best seven days in our lives”.

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